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Synopsis - Switching Principals

School spirit has never been lower at Marvin Gardens High School.  When a new principal is scheduled to arrive, everyone is hoping for a fresh breeze.  What blows in, however, are George and Madge, two con-men who slipped in through the principal’s office window while hiding out from the law.  In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, vice principal Abigail figures George for the new principal, which suits George right down to his socks.  He introduces Madge as his secretary.  ’She can do 80 words a minute,’ George tells Abigail.  ’More when I get mad!,’ Madge adds.  Laying low after a car wreck which has the police on the prowl, our two con-men make the most of their situation and settle right in at Marvin Gardens.  They are tickled to learn that the other victim in the car collision was the very same principal who was due to arrive.  Laid up with minor injuries, he won’t be on the scene for a few more days.  This gives George and Madge the chance to doubletalk and dodge their way past pushy school board members, a nosey security guard, overactive students and one superstitious lady who has to be convinced, by George of course, that her aura needs to be watched.  But somewhere along the way, George feels good about helping people.  His cold prickly conman qualities soften into warm fuzzies as he finds himself falling under the spell of the school’s spirit, much to the disgust of Madge.  Full of fast lines, plot twists, and surprises, this riotous rapid-fire farce is one you’ll love to produce and that your audience will love to watch.

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